Hello World!

I Am Ese Curtis.

Javascript Whizz.

Dec 2021 Webstack Challenge Winner.


As you might have probably seen from the Hero section, My name is Ese Curtis
I am a Web Developer and a Jack of all trades and master of one on the Tech space, From which i can call myself a Web Master Haha!
I Have a wide range of Tech skills as i have said which can be seen as listed in the Experience section.
Also I have participated in a lot of Web development challenges and if i must say emerging as a winner has become the new normal to me.
I draw few inspirations from many senior developments in this space and they have helped me in my growth a great deal.
To be very honest i really do not know where and how i would have been if i had slept on the sentence Ese Why Don't You Learn To Use The Computer!

- Ese Curtis


What I can Offer


I have 3 years of experience working as a programmer and ive based mainly on the web development field for the time being,
I have emerged victorious over a few online coding competitions.
In the next few months i see myself venturing into the world of WEB3 and blockchain because I believe it is the future
Below is a list of Languages, CMS, Frameworks and many others I work with.

  • AMVC php ( A self built MVC framework running on php7 ).
  • Vanilla Javascript, PHP
  • ReactJs
  • VueJs
  • NodeJs (MERN stack)
  • Sass and Less
  • Jquery (many belive it is outdated but I see it as an asset)
  • Wordpress, WIX, Blogger ...
  • CSS3 :)
  • Dexie.js

I have Worked under a few companies and built numerous web based application and as seen above at least a Web Framework
I Look forward to working with you on your next website / app
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Graphic Design

I have a year of experience in Graphic Design, I might not be a professional but I will give you an estimated 80% exact copy of what you desire.
Below are some of the fields I specialize in the Graphic Designing space.

  • Flyer Design.
  • Logo Design.
  • Photo Manipulation.
  • Photo Glow-up.
  • Digital Painting.
  • Vector Arts.
  • Creation Of NFTs (example: pixel art).

I also have experience working with a few companies an have a little comprehensive knowledge of working remotely.
My software preferences are the likes of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
I am look forward in joining you on your next graphic design project.
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My Projects


This is an open source SPA shopping app for a web development challenge, Purpose is to make market shopping easy!

JS WorkBox DexieJs

AMVC php

A lightweight MVC pattern framework based on php7 use to build real time application and aps running on multiple inter Apis.



A lightweight Javascript library for on page templating on client side and non server web applications



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